Save Time

Minimal WASTE!
100% Recyclable!
Disaster Resistant!

Save Money!

ICC Certified
Impact Resistant!
NO Rodents!

Fast & Effective

NO Insects or MOLD
Easy Assembly!
Awesome Thermal
Insulation Barrier!
Sound Deadener!

Don’t let the name fool you..!

We’re dedicated to bringing you the building system of tomorrow... today utilizing the TriDiPanel System! Get the FREE Tech Info Now!

The more you learn about true “Green Building” with foam panels.... the quicker you’ll be convinced that “lumber framing is out!”...
The ONLY ICC Certified foam panel for use in ANY “load bearing” capacity in ANY metropolitan city in America! See the certification and specs here!
Now don’t get us wrong, building with lumber has its uses and we’re not saying you should stop using lumber for construction
Just “stop using lumber for framing!” We have better technology for that! You’ll see for yourself inside...!
Our Service is 100% Guaranteed! We felt the same way too!! We offer the most convenient and high standard technology that make a difference for your future
Please take your time to look around and feel free to drop us a line any time...
  • It is hard to believe that this beautiful icon would be built with our system,

    but it is.