Why should we build with foam panels? Lumber is fine...what’s the big deal?

Plenty of reasons! But let’s start with some fundamentals… shall we?

From an engineering perspective as it was conveyed to us… Lumber is:

  • Extremely flammable …
  • A food source for bacterias, insects and rodents (termites, black mold)
  • It’s weak and brittle and MUST BE REINFORCED …$$$
  • Skilled labor is required for framing(sort of). Did you know that most framers these days barely have a high school education and in many cases… don’t even
  • Speak english! Don’t believe us? Go visit ANY construction site! See for yourself..
  • Waste..! The waste alone is remarkable! Approximately 27% of lumber purchased for a construction project is TRASH! That’s 27 cents of EVERY DOLLAR! That makes lumber VERY expensive to use!
  • Lumber decays. Ever heard of rot(wet and dry)?
  • VERY LOW RESISTANCE to inclement weather such as rain, wind, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes…etc…?
  • Time intensive for construction!
  • Lumber is no longer cheap and new legislation being enacted AGAINST the use of lumber across the country! Build Green?
If your TriDiPanels are so wonderful... why don’t I see them being utilized more?

Good question! Actually… truth be told, they are ALL around you! Foam Panel homes have been reserved for custom homes or custom projects, but they get constructed so quickly and covered up, you don’t get a chance to really notice! Also…. ICC Certification has a lot to do with the mainstream use as well! Generally, if you would like to build a house(or whatever structure you choose) that requires building permitting(within municipalities) and you are using plans drawn from a professional that is NOT familiar with the TriDiPanel system, a materials ICC Certification is required for your plans to be approved for construction! Go here if you’d like to see it or download it from here. TriDiPanel.ESR-2435.pdf

House O’Foam is dedicated to bringing you the TriDiPanel System wherever you are and for what ever project you have in mind!

How much does it cost to build with TriDiPanels?

Another great question! Depending on the complexity of your project, TriDiPanels are VERY Affordable! With TriDiPanels, you won’t be spending money on framers and additional lumber reinforcement costs, insulation(TriDiPanels ARE insulation) and don’t forget drywall!

Where can I find a contractor to build me a structure?

Right here! Unless you have someone you already like to work with, House O’Foam Construction can help! We will also help train your crew and provide consulting as well…. just ask!

What are the advantages to building with TriDiPanels versus conventional construction?

Oh wow…! Ready?

  • Ease of construction! Just take a look at some of the helpful videos we have to offer to show you how fabulously superior this method is..!
  • An average 1,500 sq/ft. home can be “weatherred in” (walls and roof erected) after the foundation is poured or established… in about 3 days!  Full finish out in less than 30 days!
  • Wind tunnel testing shows TriDiPanel structures resist winds in excess of 230 miles per hour!
  • TriDiPanel structures DO NOT rot, decay or decompose.
  • TriDiPanel structures ARE NOT food sources for insects, bacterias or rodents.
  • TriDiPanel structures DO NOT BURN !(that’s a biggie) None of the components used in the manufacture of TriDiPanels support combustion. So they are “fire resistant” to a exceed a burn time of 4 HOURS!
  • No skilled labor is required for assembly. Only a minimal crew with one supervisor is required.
  • TriDiPanel structures ARE NOT affected by water, so rain of flooding is of no cern to the structure.
  • TriDiPanel structures are EXTREMELY energy efficient and exceed ALL new “green energy” regulations and standards nationwide. EPS Foam is used for insulating refrigerators and making ice chests. Your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer with “minimal” energy expense.
  • TriDiPanel structures are very quiet too! EPS Foam is utilized for soundproofing rooms and is used to “quiet down” freeways as well!
Am I limited to the style of home I can build utilizing the TriDiPanels System?

Absolutely NOT!  You are only limited by your imagination and budget! Entire hotels, apartment buildings, residential homes, walls, etc… have been and are currently under construction as we speak!

I have a set of plans already drawn, can I use them to build with TriDiPanels?

Absolutely! Please contact us for more information regarding the use of your own plans, they only need be converted to accept building with TriDiPanels.

How long does it take to receive my TriDiPanels after I place my order?

It varies, but typically, once your order has been placed and depending on the complexity of your project, the delivery time hovers somewhere around 3 weeks.

Why do you call the TriDiPanels “green” and “eco-Friendly?

TriDiPanels are 100% recyclable and recycled materials only! No waste or harmful environmental by-products.  There’s NO other way!