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manualDownload the TriDiPanel Assembly Manual Here! Just Enter you email address below and you will received the download link via Email, its a 10mb file and may take a minute or two to download depending on your service!


The ICC report is here for you as well!

We’re sure you want to know exactly how our panels are assembled together? What about anchors? The roof? And the questions continue!

All of your questions and more are answered right here inside our digital manual which covers everything you ever needed to know about building with the “NEW STANDARD!”


Green Building by House O’Foam!

With the constant push for better Green Building products on the rise, unfortunately the fundamental flaw still remains will the structure or “shell” of the design to be constructed. Currently, most designs still incorporate the heavy use of lumber for framing which at it’s very core is the “oxymoron” of the “Green Building” movement. So what’s the answer?

House O’Foam has the answer to the problem of framing with lumber that exceeds ALL energy conservation requirements and is practical and economical to use! Introducing the “New Standard” in construction framing… the TriDiPanel System!

Much much more on the “New Standard” here and Green Building at its finest!

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Angel Gutierrez

Managing Director
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